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SimaPro LCA software

SimaPro is a software tool that allows user to collect, manage and interpret emissions from product and service lifecycles.

MiSA is the official SimaPro distributor for Norway.

SimaPro includes several databases with lifecycle inventories as well as several different characterisation models for several regions in the world.  SimaPro is developed by PRé Consultants in the Netherlands.

Using cutting edge methods

SimaPro is continuously updated according to developments in inventory databases and characterisation models.  The newest expansions include the addition of electronics and electronic components and simple biofuels to the Ecoinvent database, and new environmental characterisation models.


There are three versions of SimaPro: Compact, Analytic and Developer.  These versions differ only in their functionality; all three versions include the same inventories and characterisation models.  A more detailed explanation of the differences may be found here.

More information about SimaPro is available on our Norwegian pages and on the PRé Consultants website.  If you're looking for Simapro from another country, check here for your country's SimaPro distributor.