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MiSA is a distributor of PackageSmart LCA software

PackageSmart is an innovative software-as-a-service solution for lifecycle assessment specific for packaging design and optimization.  The PackageSmart software is offered at a lower price point than full-featured and advanced LCA analysis tools such as SimaPro.  PackageSmart still offers advanced options and access to the Eco-Invent LCA database for background processes.

PackageSmart allows users to generate figures to compare impacts of different packaging systems.



One can also set up standardised reports that simplify the process of quickly assembling LCA-documentation for new solutions.  This is particularly a benefit with environmental product declarations (EPD).



The availability of a manager user allows the software to be tailored to a specific project or client.  The manager has the ability to define and code materials and components for less advanced users of PackageSmart.  As an example, a consultant can take the manager role and help package designers set up models that are useful and relevant to their purposes and hide those processes which are irrelevant.


Prices for the PackageSmart software is as follows:

  Monthly license Annual license*
Single user 200 USD 2100 USD
Set-up of multi-user license N/A 1000 USD
1-5 users N/A 2000 USD per user
6-10 users N/A 1500 USD per user
10+ users N/A Ask for quote

*Note that the annual license is priced at a 10% discount over the monthly subscription rate.

To download a demo or purchase PackageSmart software, use this link.