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ECO-it is a software tool specifically geared towards product designers and allows product lifecycles to be modelled in a matter of minutes.

ECO-it is a simple and user-friendly tool that has a lower price point than full-featured and advanced LCA analysis tools such as SimaPro.  ECO-it still offers users the opportunity to see the source of emissions and thereby pinpoint potential areas of improvement in your process or product.

ECO-it uses the Eco-indicator point system based on the ReCiPe impact assessment method and CO2-equivalents to evaluate environmental impact from a process or product's life cycle.  The program's structure is simple but returns results quickly. Comparison of different materials for sub-components and components are performed easily and quickly with a single click.


An ECO-it analysis consists of four stages in which the user inputs their own criteria:

  • Lifecycle:  a description of the lifecycle for the product to be investigated
  • Production: specification and quantity of materials and relevant processes for the product or process
  • Use:  Electricity, transport and material demand in the use phase are specified. It is also possible to insert pre-defined processes, such as packaging.
  • Disposal:  Waste scenarios are specified for the whole process or under specific processes/materials

The results can be displayed while these four stages are being completed, allowing the user to see how results are affected as changes are made to the inventory.  

ECO-it also allows users to generate simple figures that show emissions from different processes in column- or pie-charts in either CO2-equivalents or in Eco-indicator points.

ECO-it has over 500 ReCiPe and carbon footprinting for the most commonly used materials such as metals, plastics, paper and class in addition to production, transport, energy and waste treatment processes.

The program is available for 299 EUR.  A 10-day demo version may be downloaded here.

If ECO-it is insufficient for your needs, PackageSmart or the full version of SimaPro are also viable options.  

ECO-edit is an add-on for the ECO-it program which allows users to add their own specific data or develop their own point system that can be used in ECO-it.  A database made from SimaPro for ECO-it is offered by MiSA and can be ordered here.