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Strategic environmental advice

We offer consulting services to companies who wish to learn more about their impact on the environment with regards to internal development and in relation to their competitors. Such information can be indispensable to evaluate the long term effects of a company's initiatives and anticipate future challenges.

Performance in relation to emissions and resource use has an effect on a company's bottom line as it dictates the company's vulnerability for future changes in constraints for its own activities as well as related activities.  This is relevant in several ways:

  • increased requirements with regards to emissions, resource use and/or pollution control practices in the company's value chain.  This is relevant to both upstream and downstream activities, that is, both the suppliers' activities and those of the client.
  • ripple effects of limited resources, through future scarceness of materials and energy.  This will affect purchasing prices, such as through increases of oil and electricity prices.

An example of strategic use of life cycle information is to investigate the sensitivity to fluctuations in resource availability, such as spikes in quota, energy or raw material prices.  Examples of such questions can be found in this document (Johan Pettersen, January 2009)

We can also help our clients to evaluate overall environmental assessments of different technological solutions.

A specific application of systems analysis is to construct comparable systems using system expansion.  Such analyses require experience in systems thinking as well as tools to evaluate the environmental impact of these expanded systems.

Call us to discuss how we can help your company with its environmental initiatives.