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Environmental supply chain strategies: Oil & Gas

MiSA offers specialized databases and software solutions for oil and gas operations as well as visualization tools, assessments and reports tailored to our clients’ needs.

We have developed a specialized life cycle inventory database focused on the Norwegian offshore oil and gas sector. The database covers emissions from a wide range of operations linked to upstream offshore oil and gas sector, allowing for a thorough analysis of carbon and environmental footprints of these operations. The database is ISO14040/44 compliant.

The carbon, water and environmental footprint for several aspects of field development (drilling) operations can be modelled:

  • Chemicals and drilling fluids: WBM, OBM, IOR, cementing, rig
  • Rigs and platforms: Cat A/B/C, positioning systems
  • Well completions
  • Offshore energy processes
  • Supply and support vessels and logistics
  • Tophole cuttings treatment: cuttings transfer system, riserless mud return
  • Drill cuttings treatment: OBM & WBM
  • Slop treatment technologies

In addition to the drilling inventory, the following production processes are also modelled:

  • Natural gas extraction
  • Crude oil extraction
  • Operator adaptation
  • Field development
  • Electrification of offshore installations
  • Increased oil recovery

In addition to our oil & gas model, MiSA offers tools and consulting services for management and strategy. We have years of experience in developing tools and providing guidance to several actors in the Norwegian offshore oil and gas industry. We offer the strategy and management consulting in the following areas:

  • Waste planning and waste management
  • Technology documentation and assessment
  • Drilling campaign planning
  • Field emission management
  • Permit applications & reporting

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