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Our services

MiSA is a research and consulting company that helps customers reduce their environmental impacts and creating value by developing tools and services for strategic environmental management in private industry, organizations and the public sector.

MiSA strongly believes in the power of staying up-to-date on the research front of such a young and quickly developing field as systematic environmental assessment.

We use well known methods within environmental systems analysis, such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and input-output analysis (IOA). We also use these tools towards applications such as risk assessment and environmental consequence analysis.

MiSA has, with support from Innovation Norway, developed a tool for cost effective environmental footprint calculations of municipalities and businesses. We call this tool klimakost.

We are also the Norwegian distributor of SimaPro, the world's most popular LCA software. We use both Simapro and in-house software solutions aimed at various combinations between LCA and IOA in our work.

The life cycle perspective is becoming more and more important. This is reflected in development, communication to clients and in new laws and regulations. We offer strategic advice within business- and product development, using methods related to LCA and IOA.