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Research projects

Model for emissions calculations for the Norwegian agricultural sector (2011)

Client: Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NILF)

Together with NILF and other contributors, MiSA participated in a project to investigate the environmental impact of Norwegian food production and consumption.  

MiSA's role was to define how a consistent model of Norwegian food consumption, from field to table, could be developed using existing input-output models, LCA competency and detailed agricultural statistics in conjunction with final consumption categories.

In addition, possibilities for connecting macroeconomic balance and direct emissions models were discussed.  The work on this project resulted in a simplified pilot model with climate gas results for selected agricultural products.

Lifecycle evaluation of biogas production and use at Frosta and Fosen (2011)

Client: Fosen Næringshage AS

Together with SINTEF Technology and Society and SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, MiSA participated in the research project on biogas production from livestock.

SuPlight (2011)

Client: European Commission (EU project)

This research project relates to use of innovative production processes for aluminium and possible environmental consequences of these processes in the production-, disposal- and use phase of these products.  MiSA's role in the project is to perform material flow analysis and life cycle assessment.

Carbon-neutral community at Brøset (2010)

Client: SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

MiSA participated in this project in co-operation with SINTEF and NTNU. The municipality of Trondheim would like to allocate an area in the city outskirts for climate neutral community.

MiSA's original role in the project was to define the term "climate neutral," which in this case was chosen as the level of emissions which satisfies the IPPC's 2-degree goal for a global temperature increase. This definition was selected as a substitute for "zero-climate emissions" as all economic activity will, of course, induce climate emissions at one location or another.

Later in the project, MiSA performed preliminary calculations of climate emissions from the households. The results were used to identify the most important aspects to address to reduce climate gases. MiSA also performed a short evaluation and categorization of various strategies for emissions reductions.

In the later phase of the project, in co-operation with NTNU and the Swedish company Spacescape, MiSA investigated empirical correlations between urban form, utilities and travel patterns, using Trondheim as a case study.  The results from this work will hopefully act as a guideline for development at Brøset.

Evaluation of a passive house concept from a lifecycle perspective (2009)

Client: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

As a subcontractor to the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at NTNU, MiSA participated in the research project "Adaptable House 2: Demonstration House" that addresses various concepts for passive houses. MiSA performed lifecycle calculations for these concepts.

Environmental impact from Norwegian food production from a lifecycle perspective (2009)

Client: Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NILF)

MiSA contributed to the ongoing project Socioeconomic and environmental impacts of organic farming as a subcontractor to NILF, providing LCA competency.