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Life cycle assessment

Below is a selection of some previous projects. A more comprehensive list of projects is available on our Norwegian site.

Carbon budget for high speed rail, Phase 2 and Phase 3 (2011)

Client: Evaluation committee, high speed rail in Norway

In co-operation with Asplan Viak, Brekke, Strand Akustikk and VWI (Phase 2) and Asplan Viak and VWI (Phase 3), MiSA is responsible for developing the projected carbon accounting for the high speed rail project in Norway.

Phase 2, completed in early 2011, involved the development of a basic model framework for the analysis of various corridors in Phase 3. When specific corridors for high speed rail are selected in Phase 3, including contributions from other collaborators, in particular market analysis projections from Atkins. Phase 3 is scheduled for completion in early 2012.

Environmental evaluation of household organic waste in the municipality of Trondheim (2011)

Client: Municipality of Trondheim

Five different scenarios for organic household waste in the municipality of Trondheim were investigated and evaluated to determine the opportunity with the lowest environmental impact from a lifecycle perspective.

The Combustion for district heat production and biogas production from anaerobic digestion were two cases studied. Results showed that in the particular system analyzed, biogas provided a negligible climate benefit, although local environmental impacts such as fossil resource depletion and local air quality showed significant improvements.

Lifecycle evaluation of offshore wind power (2009)

Client: Statoil

Statoil is carrying out an internal lifecycle evaluation of offshore wind electricity production; MiSA supported this study by providing consulting services regarding methodology, software support and comparison of data.

Lifecycle evaluation of various scenarios for improved oil recovery - Pre-project (2009)

Client: Statoil

MiSA was contracted to evaluate two scenarios for an improved oil recovery project for environmental impact.  The lifecycle comparison of the two scenarios was performed using SimaPro software.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of ready-mix concrete (2009)

Client: Unicon

MiSA has completed an Environmental Production Declaration of ready-mix concrete for Unicon.