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Carbon and environmental accounting

MiSA has performed carbon and environmental accounts for both private companies and for the public sector. A selection of these projects is described below.

Mapping of overall environmental impact (2011)

Customer: Entra eiendom

In co-operation with MiSA, Entra developed a system to quantify its total environmental impact, including all activities tied to the Entra value chain.  

Carbon accounting of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2010)

Customer: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

The administration NTNU wanted to perform a carbon accounting of its activities in order to identify problem areas for environmental initiatives and further analysis.  The input-output portion of MiSA's Klimakost tool was used to perform the calculations and assess the most significant areas of carbon emissions.  Klimakost may also be used in the future for hybridised analysis using physical inputs.

Carbon accounting for Norwegian municipalities (2009)

MiSA has also performed carbon accounting studies for Lier, Tromsų and Oslo municipalities as well as the Sogn- og Fjordane, Akershus and Vestfold counties.