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Biogas in Norway

MiSA presents LCA for biogas in Norway, for plants based on farm manure. The study is completed together with Sintef, and summarizes societal issues, technological/economical aspects and a life cycle environmental assessment.

Main findings
In brief, the environmental assessment shows that:
- biogas production is a good environmental measure for the local farmers
- transport of raw and fermeted manure may give significant emissions and should be optimized
- the manure composition is improtant for the biogas yield, and thereby also the environmental potential. Manure from poultry and pig give more yield per volume compared to bovine manure sources
- all products from the bigas plant contribute positively to the overall environmental performance. The local market for products controsl the total performance;heat, electricity, CO2for greenhouses, and fermeted manure.

Greenhouse gas emissions from manure handling
The project has investigated different models for the direct and indirect emissions from handling and use of manure. The conclusion is that it is difficult to find a consistent and comprehensive source for emission factors from this part of the biogas system.End results are calculated using factors fromtheNorwegian report to IPCC.

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