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About MiSA

MiSA AS was founded by a group of enthusiastic associates from the Programme for Industrial Ecology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.  We had observed a need for improved environmental analyses to support decisions in industry, trade and public offices.  

At the forefront of specialist knowledge

Through research and application at NTNU, MiSA has built a solid specialist proficiency within the field of life cycle assessment (LCA), input-output analysis, environmental impact assessment, process modelling and other tools that can be used to support general decisions concerning environmental performance.  We use the latest developments in these fields in our projects and tools.  This makes MiSA a unique consultancy for environmental systems analysis in Norway.

We keep ourselves updated on developments in our field by participating in research projects and maintaining constant contact with NTNU, SINTEF and other leading groups in addition to maintaining a large network of affiliated consultants and experts.


In 2010, we moved to a new office location in the Solsiden area.  A long term goal is to become one of Norway's largest consultancies in systematic environmental assessment.  As of the fall of 2011, there are eight employees at MiSA.

MiSA stands for Miljøsystemsanalyse - Environmental Systems Analysis in Norwegian.